Getting a driving license is a major achievement. Even so, the entire process can seem arduous considering there is a trucking school test that needs to be passed. Research shows that your looks play a big role during test day as you could feel intimidated after realizing other candidates seem to look better. Here are tips at this homepage to help you look your best and thus boost self-confidence. 

Apply eye drops 

If you are having a cold, or maybe it is allergy season when you are getting your license photo, make sure you apply some eye drops to avoid ending up with a photo with eyes that are bloodshot/reddish. It's imperative to ensure that your eyes are open wide as the photo is being taken. No need to open them wider than normal, but make an effort of keeping the fully open. This will probably save you from disappointments stemming from being forced to get another photo taken. 

A driving license photo should never be taken the morning after attending a party. Though you may not be nursing any hangovers, you may be tired as a result of being out late, which will clearly reflect in your eyes. Check out this website at  for more facts about driving. 

Ensure your hair is neat 

The best way to handle this is to ensure that you stick to the hairstyle that you wear often. You may have your hair trimmed differently after getting your license, but mostly, many people tend to maintain the same hairstyle for a long time, mostly men. Ensure that your hair is tidy, and that there is nothing hanging in the area around the eyes. Having your eyes completely visible in the photo is very important. 

Avoid too much facial makeup 

Since your driving license isn't a glamour portrait, there is no use to go all out with facial makeup. In the event you are asked to pull over by a police officer, he/she is not going to bother whether or not you had facial makeup as the photo was being taken. The best way to keep it under control is by wearing just enough makeup so as to achieve a natural glow and probably avoid looking pale in the photo. 

Wear your glasses 

If wearing glasses is a requirement when you are driving, you ought to make sure that you wear them when your license photo is being taken. If you wear contact lenses, avoid any that will alter the color of your eyes. The driving license will indicate your eye color, which needs to match the eye color in reality. 


The above guidelines at this homepage will ensure that you pocket that driving license easily as a duck takes to water. Practice them, and there will be no disappointments on the test day.